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Metabolism Made Simple

Making Sense of Nutrition to Transform Metabolic Health

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About Metabolism Made Simple

The conventional approach to dieting is fundamentally flawed. Metabolism Made Simple offers a better solution. You can change your body and your health for the better without quick-fix gimmicks or fad diets.

In Metabolism Made Simple, health, fitness, and nutrition expert Sam Miller provides a wealth of readily understandable science, easily followed systems, and repeatable strategies. He exposes the real reasons why many diets fail and helps you avoid preventable pitfalls on your way to your goals. Using clear language, he guides you to achieving optimal health or your ideal physique.

It’s time for a nutritional intervention that promotes metabolic health, extends longevity, and puts you in control of your body. Ditch the diet fads forever. Instead, take advantage of an individualized, transformational approach. There is no reason to wait.

About The Author – Sam Miller

Sam Miller has more than a decade of experience as a health, fitness, and nutrition coach. His programs help coaches and health professionals improve their clients’ results. A popular online educator, podcast host, and mentor, he consistently offers simple, strategic methods for transformation and translates complex concepts into leverage for any health and fitness goal.

His workshops, classes, and specialization programs have served over 2,500 coaches worldwide. He has been a featured speaker for companies like LinkedIn and a content contributor for industry titans such as Barbell Shrugged, Muscle Intelligence, T-Nation, Elite FTS, and more. He is a certified nutritionist and licensed, board-certified health practitioner who holds a master’s degree from North Carolina State University and a Bachelor of Science from Elon University.

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